Bishop Committee

Vestry / Bishop Committee Members

The Reverend Paulette Williams Magnuson

Committee Members
Albert Hernandez Bishop’s Warden
Cameron Hernandez Jr. Warden
Mary Greiner
Dwight Gray
Amanda Przechowski Stockman

Office Clerk Shawna Moore
Treasurer Steve Wallace
Bookkeeper Jocelyn Figueroa Blackwell

All Members Terms Run January to December for 3 years unless a replacement member is voted in to complete current year. Replacements are then eligible for a 3 year term at the next Annual All Parish Meeting for Re-election.

Terms Ending
December 2017: Albert H., Mary M., Amanda P.S.
December 2018: Cameron H.
December 2019: Dwight G.


Bishop Committee Members 2016

Amanda Stockman, Bishop’s Warden 
Cameron Hernandez, Jr. Warden
Albert Hernandez
Mary Greiner
Marla Spry